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Reminder: This list only comprises of queer ceramic artists who have requested to be on this list. They can ask to remove themselves or edit their information at any time. If you want to be on the list, please fill out the google form by clicking here.

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PLEASE NOTE: This list is currently updated by one person, Aaron Caldwell, and is an unpaid passion project, so please be patient. I appreciate everyone's understanding.


First Name Only, A, B, C

Aly (Ashkenazi Jew, she/they) & Mal (nonbinary/ genderqueer, white)

Avery - she/her, bi/pan, white

Brett (Morgan) - he/they, genderfluid/gay, white northern appalachian

Jules - she/her, lesbian, white

Katja - she/he/they, lesbian, white

Peter - he/they/her, fat, bear, queer, white

Sabha - gay male

Alex Anderson - he/him, gay, Black and Japanese

Stone Anderson - they/them, enby/nonbinary queer, white american

José Arenivar-Gomez - he/him, gay, mexican/latino

Ash Atterberry - she/they, bi, white

Devin Ball - he/him, gay, white

Chase Barney - he/him, gay, white

MC (Mary) Baumstark - she/her, bisexual, white

Derik Van Beers - he/him, gay, white

Isabel Beldad - she/her, lesbian, Spanish

Emily Bennett - she/her, bisexual/sapphic, white american

Patty Bilbro - she/her, queer/genderqueer, white-american

Megan Billingham - pansexual, white

Tara Booth - she/they, genderfluid, queer, white american

Rachel L Breitinger - they/she, trans nonbinary, bisexual, white

Kaitlyn Brennan - she/her, lesbian, white

Jeremy Brooks - he/him, gay, white

Sam Buganski - he/him, gay, white

Shea Burke - they/them, nonbinary, pansexual, Black Biracial American

Jason Big-E Burnett - he/him, gay, white

(Currently works in textile)

Aaron Caldwell - he/him, gay, African-American/Black

Taylor Callaway - she/her, bisexual, white

Evalee Campbell - she/her, lesbian, white

Luka Carter - he/him, trans man, white

Harry Cassell - she/her, pansexual, non-binary, white

Sunny Chajon - he/him, queer trans man, latino

Robert Chamberlin - he/they, queer, white

Catalina Cheng - she/they/he, nonbinary, bi, Colombian-Chinese

Kayla Cho - they/them, nonbinary, Asian American Pacific Islander

Carly Connelly - they/them, nonbinary, pansexual, white

Drew Conrad - he/him, gay, white

Elliot Corbett - they/them, nonbinary, transmasculine, bisexual/grey ace, white

Emery Cotten - they/them, nonbinary, pansexual, white

Julian Covey - he/they, gay, Biracial Black

Carson Crawford - he/him, bisexual, transgender man, white

Connor Czora - they/them, queer, nonbinary, white

D, E, F, G

Kari Darr - they/he, non-binary, asexual, white

Atlas Moon Rodríguez Decker - He/him, transman, latinx american

David DeMelo - he/him, gay, white

Soren DiStefano - he/him, transgender, pansexual, white

Shelsea Dodd - she/her, queer/lesbian/ pansexual/ homoromantic, white

Danica Drago - they/them, trans/nonbinary, Canadian/second generation Italian

Grant Ederer - he/him, gay, white

Jude Ezra - they/them, trans, queer non-binary, intersex person, Jewish

Brady Fanning - he/him, cis, gay, white

Virginia Felix - she/her, lesbian, hispanic

Shanique (Nina) Fowling - she/her, queer, Black/first generation Jamaican-American

Jay Gardner - gay, caucasian/united states

Rochelle Garcia - she/her, lesbian, Puerto Rican

Den/ Vivian Gay - they/them, nonbinary, white/north american

Sean Gerstley - he/him, cisgay, white

Noah Greene - he/him, trans man, white

Kris Grey - pronoun flexible, genderqueer/ nonbinary/transgender/transmasculine, white, Ashkenazi

Roberto Carlos Gomez - he/him, gay, Mexican-American

Mariluz Guzmán - they/them, bisexual, nonbinary, Afro Latinx American (Dominican and Puerto Rican)

H, I, J, K

Arthur Halvorsen - he/him, gay, white

Wesley Harvey - he/him, gay, white

Courtney Hassmann - she/they, lesbian, white

Noah F Heil - he/they, gay, nonbinary, white american

Susan Hendley - they/them, nonbinary, white

narinda heng - she/her, queer, ciswoman, Khmer american

Mattie Hinkley - she/they, pansexual, genderfluid, white

Robin Hustle - she/her, queer nonbinary lesbian, white ashkenazi jewish

Marianne Ibrahim - she/her, pansexual, Egyptian

Meghan Johnson - she/her, bisexual, white

Nomi Juhasz - they/them, bisexual, nonbinary, white canadian

Ayesh Kanani - they/them, nonbinary, south asian

Gerald "Gerry" Kaplan - he/him, gay, white american/british, half-jewish

Jenn Kaplan - she/they, pansexual, nonbinary, white

Anthony Kascak - he/him, gay, Asian-American

Katie Kearns - she/her, lesbian, white

G.V. Kelley - they/them, nonbinary, pansexual, white

Ryan W. Kelly - he/him, queer, bear, white

Jayne King - they/she, gender fluid, pansexual, white Jewish

Rino Kodama - they/them, nonbinary/gender nonconforming, shin-issei/Japanese-American

Jonathan Kusnerek - he/him, gay, white-american

L, M, N, O

Jacob Lagasse - he/him, queer/gay, white

Miguel Enrique Lastra - he/him, gay, Puerto Rican

Phi Le - they/them, nonbinary, Vietnamese

Kyle Lee - he/him, gay, Black-American

Sarah Steininger Leroux - she/her, queer/bisexual, white

Ray Lewis - they/them, nonbinary/gnc lesbian, white

Zed Lightheart - he/him, queer, poly, white british/irish

Amanda Love - she/her, lesbian, white

Sean Lutz - they/them, ace/nonbinary, white

Anika Major - she/her, lesbian, white

Shaun Peter Mallonga - he/him, cisgay, 1st gen Filipino-Canadian

Jenna Manglallan - she/they, queer, femme, filipinx

Caitlin Mary Margarett - she/her, lesbian, white

Gabo Martinez - she/her, bisexual, Mexican American/Chicana/ Latinx/Mexicatejana

Mac Star McCusker - he/they, trans and gender queer, white

Molly McDonald - she/they, queer, enby, whiteamerican/european

Taylor Mezo - she/they, nonbinary, bisexual, white american

Nikki Mizak - she/her, bisexual, white

Kristy Moreno - she/they, bisexual, Mexican-American

Mychelle Moritz - she/her, lesbian, white

Lucas Neves - he/him, trans man, pansexual, white american

William J. O’Brien - he/him, queer, white

Basin Objects - she/her, pansexual, white

Lola Ogbara - she/her, queer, African-American

Brooks Oliver - he/him, gay, white

P, Q, R, S

Ian Park - They/he, nonbinary queer, white

Dakota Parkinson - she/they, transwoman/transfemme, lesbian, white

Deshun Peoples - he/him, cisgender queer, pansexual, Black-American

Lilly Powell - she/they, pansexual, white

Meredith Power - she/her, lesbian, white

Joann Quiñones - they/them, queer lesbian, afro-latinx/Puerto Rican

Irene Reed - they/she, queer/lesbian, white

Oliver Reed - he/him, gay, white american

Jackie Rines - she/her, queer/lesbian, white

Lindsay Rogers - she/her, lesbian, white

Cydney Ross - she/her, pansexual, white

Sage Rothman - they/them, non-binary, genderqueer kinkster, Jewish

Chris Salas - they/them, nonbinary, chicanx

Moises Salazar - they/them, nonbinary, latinx

Emma Frances Sandler - they/she/fae, trans, nonbinary, bisexual, Jewish white

Adrian Alejandro Santiago - he/him, gay, Puerto Rican/Mexican

Tony Santoyo - he/him, gay, latino/mexican

Megan Ashley Sarraf - they/them, nonbinary lesbian, Lebanese & Scottish

Heidi Schultz - she/her, transgender woman, white

J.L. Schultz - she/they, lesbian

Josh Schutz - all pronouns, gay, white

Erik Scollon - he/him, gay, white

Stacy Jo Scott - she/they, queer lesbian, white

Max Seinfeld - he/him, gay, white jewish

Andy Shaw - he/him, gay, white

Natalia Sookias (Sooki Studio) - she/they, queer, Armenian

Coco Spadoni - they/them, bisexual, agender, white

Andrew Leo Stansbury - they/them, nonbinary, white

Vincent Stemmler - they/he, queer, arab-american/euro-american

Katharine Stiteler - she/her, lesbian, latinx

Taylor Stone - she/her, queer, white

Krzysztof Strzelecki - he/him, gay, white

Caitlin Rose Sweet - she/they, queer dyke, white, Jewish

T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Matthew Towers - he/him, gay, white

Chase Travaille - he/him, gay, white-american

Maliya Travers-Crumb - she/her, lesbian, white

Daniel Alejandro Trejo - Él/He/Him, cisgay/queer, latinx Mexican-American

Mark Vander Heide - he/him, gay/queer, white U.S. american

Warren VanRyzin - he/him, gay, Indigenous/white

Alánna Veitch - she/they, lesbian, white

Loretta Walz - they/them, nonbinary lesbian, white

Rachel "Ranch" Ward - they/them, non-binary, white

Elizabeth Rae Wells - she/her, lesbian, white

Zys West - they/them, trans non-binary lesbian, white

Taylor Whyte - she/her, pansexual, caucasian/white

Kirstin Willders - she/her, queer, white

Christopher Williams - he/him, pansexual, white

Lucy Wingard - they/she, gender skeptic, queer, white

Lauren Woodhouse - she/her, bisexual, white

Hermie Wormswood - they them, nonbinary, butch lesbian/bulldyke, Dominican/Cuban american

Tyler Young - he/him, grey asexual/bi romantic, Filipino/Chinese-American